University Projects

‘Ngalak Wangkininy’ (Curtin University Project – Documentary)
Participating in this project was such a memorable part of my life. I got the chance to meet with some amazing people and hear their stories, while also learning about another culture and language native to the south-west of WA. In this project, I worked along classmate Safiah Rind.


‘Spicks and Spandex’ (Curtin University Project – Studio Show)
As a part of a 2nd year unit at university, we made a TV show roughly 13 minutes long. I got to work with an amazing team as the producer/director and had a great time. This project made me really want to get into television directing.


‘Perth’s Allied Costumers’ (Curtin University Project – Magazine Story)
As a part of a 2nd year unit at university, we had to make a magazine story that will feature in our final TV project (video above). For this, I got to direct, produce and co-edit.


‘City Streets’ (SAE Institute Project – Short Film)
This short film was made for one of my units at film school where we had to make a silent short. Unfortunately, I went with a more music video feel and looking back I would have focused more on the diegetic sound to make this short film more effective.
As some may have noticed, the story was based on a music video from 3 Doors Down, which inspired me to write a web series from.
My favourite part of the film was the shot where she looks like the bus almost hit her. This was achieved with a trick angle, so she was completely safe and about a meter between her and the road.
This film made in onto the community television channel as a part of a local program helping student film-makers get their work out there.


‘Mars: Popular Culture’ (Curtin University – Short Documentary)
This little documentary was made way before film school. It was not a requirement of my assignment, but I wanted to do something a little different for the Planetary Science unit. The brief was to do up a presentation on a planet of our choice. One of my slides was this little film.  And yes, I am quite away my voice acting needs a bit of work, but this was 9 years ago.