Star Wars RPG Character

I’ve been playing an amazing Star Wars role playing game for the past few months, and it has been the most fun I’ve had in a long time.

My character is a Human Technician, who is a strong supporter of rights, and has unfortunately found herself with one very large bounty on her head. As of our last session, my character has found herself going into dangerous territory where she can be easily recognised, resulting in the need to wear a helmet.

Now being the very visual person that I am, I wanted to sketch her up as a personal project. Unfortunately, what I originally thought would be an easy task, ended up being a rather difficult one where many people were not really able to recognise what sci-fi universe she was from. Even though, I thought I would share the process that I took.

My requirement for the design where: Laminate Amour, Splicer Gear, Tool Kit, Utility Belt, Commlink, Scanner Goggles and Shock Gloves (no guns). The Laminate Amour had to be modified enough so that the Imperials didn’t get pissy when they recognised it.

Concept One

> I took designs like this one to start from.



\/ Though the helmet was an extremely modified random helmet. \/

After this I did some more research for concept 2, starting with the helmet.

Concept Two

This time I went with the look of the Scout Trooper from Ep. VI. Again with a largely modified helmet, however it was taken from this design.

Finally there was the colouring. I originally wanted a blue design, however I have been told this caused confusions. So I played with other colours.


It was at this point that I began to get frustrated with my own ability as others could not tell that this character belonged in the Star Wars universe. Thus the doubts of being able to create a character seeped in, and after a little break, I continued.



Concept Three

I decided on taking the second concept and applying more detail to the character in the hopes to give it a more Star Wars Rebel feel.

This time different boots and I added a scarf/cape that is seen on a few different characters in the universe like Boba Fett. While I do like this, I need to work on it more in order for it to actually work. Currently it has no function or ‘story.’


Before starting on a more refined version, I then sketched up concept three (below left) and played with it in Photoshop a little (below right). One thing I do know, I need a better scanner.